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Pioneer Dalmatian Settlers of the Far North 

Four years in the making, 200 stories of pioneering families who came from Croatia in    search of a better life. Includes 900 historical photographs.  A substantial, high quality,    collectable book and a treasure trove of family history for generations to come.


200 Family stories, 900 photographs, gum field maps  WW1 and 
WW2 records, carnival beauty queens,  sports heros and entertainers.

​Family Stories: 

Mate Alfirevich and Marija Kosovich both from Zaostrog
Johnny Babich from Runovic and Vinka Boljat from Solin
Joe Babich from Umljani and Mara Grgich from Vlaka
Zakarija Bacica  from Luka, Dugi Otok and Annie Alfirevich from Waiharara, NZ
Frank Batistich from Zrnovo  and Mary Pollard from Auckland NZ
Peter Batistich from Zrnovo and Ena Ashby from Oruawharo, NZ
Jack Belich from Zrnovo and Antica Ilich from Vis
Jakov Belich from Zrnovo and Marija Batistic from Zrnovo
Peter Bilcich from Bogomolje and Manda Bilcic from Bogomolje
Ljubo Bilcich and Zorica Radojkovich both from Loviste
Tony Boroevich from Sumartin and 1. Mihi TeWhiu from Hokianga, NZ
                                                                  2. Manda Dominkovich from Nakovan
Ivan Brajkovich from Zivogosce and Audree Crawford from Kaikohe, NZ
Mate Brajkovich from Zivogosce and Melba Sutich from Te Kopuru, NZ
Ante Brljevich from Momici and Katica Godinovich from Bogomolje
Tony Buselich from Kozica and Millie Radonich from Dargaville, NZ
Marko Buselich from Kozica and Katie Boroevich from Waiharara, NZ
Nicholas Covich from Tucepi and 1. Polly Peri from Hokianga, NZ
                                                                    2. Nancy Byett from Gloucestershire UK
Luka Covich from Tucepi and Tonka Jurlina from Zivogosce
Antonio Didovich from Lumbarda and Margarita Kovacevic from Mala Selo
George Divich from Drvenik and Maud Adams from Ahipara, NZ
Grgo Dragicevich from Kozica and Frana Klaric from Upper Nakovan
       George Dragicevich from Awanui, NZ
Joe Dragicevich from Nakovan and Marija Dominkovic from Nakovan
Tony Duzevich  and Vica Roic both from Dol, Hvar 
Joe Erceg from Sucuraj and Ivy Covich from Tucepi
Tony Erstich from Vrgorac and Kataraina Matenga from Awanui, NZ
Peter Fredatovich from Vrbanj, Hvar and Lukrica Soljan from Stari Grad
Leo Gaelic from Sumartin Brac, and Ida Urwin Mt Eden, NZ
Mate Glucina from Drasnice and Marguerita Neeson from Kelston, NZ
Charlie Grbic from Zivogosce and Maude Baker
Andrew Grbic and Kate Grbic both from Zivogosce
Victor Grbic from Zivogosce and Marama Edwards from Ahipara NZ
Jack Grubisa  from Drvenik and Katie Pribicevich from Lake Ohia, NZ
George Hrstich from Drasnice and File Urlic from Drasnice
Ivan Ivankovich from Bogomolje and Lukrica Banovic from Gdinj
Andrija Jelas from Zivogosce and Matija Lulich from Igrane
Dinko Jelicich and Justina Modric both from Sucuraj
Eric Jerkovich from Drasnice and Lizzie Guthrie from Kaikohe NZ
Jack Jujnovich from Kozica and Marija Antunovich from Drvenik
Peter Jujnovich from Kozica and Ivka Viskovic from Drasnice
Tony Jujnovich from Kozica  and Winnie Pivac from Dargaville NZ
Ivan Jujnovich from Kozica and Venus Fredatovich from Henderson NZ
Mary Jujnovich from Kozica  and Joseph Moran from Hastings NZ 
Frank Jujnovich from Kozica and Dulcie Gedye from Gisborne NZ
Ned Jujnovich from Kozica and Therese Tangney from Timaru NZ
Ivan Juranovich from Drvenik and Jessie Paora/Paul from Kaeo NZ 
Bob Jurisich from Baska Voda and Mabel Kleskovich/Anderson Houhora NZ
Clem Jurlina and Karmela Lozina both from Zivogosce
Loui Jurlina from Zivogosce and Frances Dragicevich from Nakovan
Mijo Katavich from Orah Vrgorac, and Anka Marevich from Podrujnica
Mick Katavich from Orah Vrgorac and Dinka Majic from Zavojane
George Klaricich from Zivogosce and Nikki Toi from Omapere NZ
Andrija Kleskovich from Mlini and Erina Kaka from Te Kao NZ
Mate Klinac from Kokorici  and Ivy Kosovich from Zaostrog
Jack Kosovich from Zaostrog and Ivy Phillips from Rawene NZ
Joe Kostanich from Drvenik and Mande Balich from Split
George Marevich from Podrujnica and Rosie Milicich from Phildelphia USA
Mick Kovacevich from Rascane and Lena Matiu/Matthews from Pangaru NZ
Ted Kunicich and Dobra Duzevich both from Dol, Hvar
Wine growing in the North
Steve Kunicich from Herekino NZ and Barbara Despot from Zaostrog
Tony Lendich from Kozica and 1. Lucy Begovich from Kozica
                                                         2. Doris Inch from Dargavillie NZ
Frank Lozina from Zivogosce and Violet Kunicich from Herekino NZ
Luka Lucietich from Podgora and Rosina Hunt 
Mate Lunjevich and Lucija Boric both from Podgora 
Peter Lunjevich and Ane Vodanovich both from Podgora
Luke Lunjevich and Mare Vodanovich both from Podgora
Dan Lunjevich and Matija Vodanovich both from Podgora
Marino Lunjevich from Podgora and Lizzie Waru from Whangape NZ
Fred Lunjevich from Herekino NZ and Tonka Jelicich from Sucuraj
Nikola Lupis from Nakovan and Frana Bilcic from Bogomolje
William Manga from Ahipara NZ and Kathleen Simeon from Pamapuria NZ
George Marevich from Podrujnica and Rosie Milicich from Phildelphia USA
Tony Marinkovich from Te Kopuru NZ and Ljubica Covich from Tucepi
John Marinkovich Bol, Island of Brac and Nellie Worth Truro UK
Tony Markotich Vrgorac and Perina Vidovic from Vis
Tony Martinac from Vrgorac and Katie Grbic from Herekino NZ
Joe Matich from Racisce and Florence Stanisich from Waiharara NZ
Mate Matich from Vrgorac and Anka Klinac  from Kokorici
Mate Matich from Vrgorac and Marija Juranovich from Drvenik
Kuzma Matijevich and 1. Jelena Srhoj
                                          2. Jakica Godinovich All from Bogomolje
Vicko Matulovich Zrnovo and Iva Radich Vrgorac
Peter Mihaljevich from Igrane and Barbara Pribicevich from Lake Ohia NZ
Frank Mihaljevic/Mikalovich from Igrane & Margaret Keane from Kilworth Ireland
Kleme Milich from Podgora and 1. Neta Hita from Whirinaki NZ
                                                           2. Mare Jakich from Podgora
Alex Milich Flying Officer from Waiharara NZ 
Tom Misa and Antica Radonich both from Podgora
Jure Pastar from Gozdavac and Vica Pamic from Nakovan
John Paušina from Vrucica and Clare Brady from Sydney AU
Ilija Pavlovich from Gabela  and Perica Viskovich from Drasnice
Joe Pavlovich from Gabela and Smiljanka Stojkovich from Podgora
Filip Pavlovich and Kata Niksich both from Gabela

Lovre Petricevich from Zivogosce and 1. Makareta Raharuhi from Ngatekawa
                                                                     2. Tai Toetoe 
Mate Petricevich from Zivogosce  and Ripeka Tepania from Kaeo
Ilija Petricevich  and Mare Baletic  both from Zivogosce 
Micky Petricevich from Zivogosce
Fabian Petrie from Selca, Is Hvar and Nina Gilich from Sumartin Is of Brac
Tony Petrie from Selca and 1. Ina Lamb from Hay NSW
                                                  2. Rita Megerney from Auckland NZ
Marko Pivac from Podgora and Mahae Kaio from Lake Ohia NZ
Mate Pivacfrom Podgora and Janje Jurlina from Zivogosce
George Posinkovich from Dol Is of Hvar and Dolly Waaka from Pamapuria NZ
Ivan Posinkovich and Bena Duzevich both from Dol, Is of Hvar
George Pribicevich and Tomica Banovich both from Zaostrog
John Pribicevich from Zaostrog and 1. Veronica Mihaljevich from Igrane
                                                                  2. Annie Blackmore  from NZ
Marin Puharich from Makar near Makarska and Ane Djikovich from Zaostrog
Ljubo Radich from Kotezi and Martha Peri from Pawarenga NZ 
Ivan Radojkovich and Frana Matijasevic both from Bogomolje
Kristo Radojkovich from Bogomolje and Manda Popovich from Gdinj, Is of Hvar
Rado Radojkovich from Loviste and Eva Katavich from Kaitaia NZ
Tony Rakich from Vrgorac and 1. Wiha Heke from Herekino NZ
                                                         2. Maraea Rapata from Herekino NZ
Jim Rakich from Vrgorac and Pat Koha from Herekino NZ
Ivan Rakich from Kotezi, Vrgorac and Zorka Petricevich  from Zivogosce
Antonio Salle from Zrnovo and Minnie Pikari from Whangaroa NZ  
Marino Salle from Zrnovo and Isabel Carter  Springfield, Whangarei NZ 
Jack Sarich from Racisce and Te Kare Toia  from Waikuku, Waimate North NZ
Tony Silich from Racisce, Korcula and Annie Barach from NZ 
Visko Skarpa from Starigrad Is of Hvar, and Antica Modrich from Sucuraj Is Hvar
Andrija Skokandich from Zrnovo, Korcula and Neda Sestanovic  Lumbarda, Korcula
Ivan Sorich and Ana Letuovic both from Vis Island  
Mate Srhoj and Vica Matijevich both from Bogomolje 
Jack Stancich from Dol, Is of Hvar and Florence Meenan from Auckland, NZ 
Jack Stanisich from Zrnovo and Kate Dusevich from Dol, Is of Hvar 
Andrew Stankovich from Vrgorac and Cecilia Ngawhika from Pawarenga NZ
Johnny Sticovich from Moncalvo Istra and Roša Sossi  from Dvigrad, Istra
John Sucich from Zaostrog and Hannah Mahoney from Limerick, Ireland
Mick Sucich from Zaostrog and 1. Mary Hami from Te Hapua NZ
                                                          2. Sa Aperahama  from Te Hapua NZ
George and Peter Sulenta and Janje Urlich all from Drasnice
Ivan Sumich and Vjera Radojkovich  both from Podgora
Ivan Tolich from Radovic Vrgorac and Margaret Sheehan from Springs Flat, Blenheim NZ
Bruce Tolich from Kaikohe NZ and Ivy Mrkusich from Podgora 
Tony Tomas from Tucepi and Hera Wiremu 
Mick Tomas from Tucepi  and Jakobina Tomic from Vis
George Torkar from Makarska and 1. Minnie Harrison from Parengarenga NZ
                                                                 2. Vera Bailey from Patumahoe NZ
Anton Trvdeich from Zrnovo and Jaka Grbin from Postrana, Zrnovo
Marko Ujdur from Prapatnice, Vrgorac and Marica Anic from Slivno, Imotski
Mate Ujdur from Prapatnice, Vrgorac and Emily Allen from Ahipara NZ
George, Mate Urlich from Drasnice and Franka Soljan from Rudina, Is of Hvar
James Urlich from Drasnice and Julia Porter from Matangirau NZ
Petar Urlich from Drasnice and Hiria Horri  from Te Tauwai, Whangaroa NZ
Simon Urlich from Drasnice  and Ere Ngatote from Rangiawhia NZ
John Urlich from Drasnice and Slovinka Simich from Igrane
Mate Soko Urlich from Drasnice and Julia Leef  from Opononi NZ
George Urlich from Drasnice and Kate Zegura from Gornja Vrucia
Srecko Urlich from Drasnice and Dulcie Suvalko from Ruakaka NZ
Mate (Yovo) Urlich and Darinka Urlich both from Drasnice
Steve Urlich from Drasnice and Annie Wells from Awanui NZ
Loui Vegar from Ravca, Vrgorac and File Franicevich from Zivogosce
Ivan Vegar Ravca, Vrgorac and Stana Ivicevich from Kutac, near Vrgorac 
Bosko Vegar Ravca, Vrgorac and Lenka Franicevich from Zivogosce
Kosta Vela from Podgora and Mary Henare from Whangape NZ 
Joe Veza from Zivogosce and Tui Powell from Herekino NZ
George Veza from Zivogosce and Laura Baker from Herekino NZ
Ivan Veza from Zivogosce and Mande Franicevich  from Zivogosce
Tony Vinac and Ane Despot both from Zaostrog 
Jack Vinac and Ane Andrijasevic both from Zaostrog
Tony Viskovich from Drasnice and 1. Vina Evans from Pitcarn Island
                                                                2. Hokimate Johns from NZ
Marian Vitle from Tucepi and Janje Miljak from Zivogosce
Ivan Vodanovich from Podgora and Helen Mihaljevich from Auckland NZ
Peter Vujcich and Iva Jakicevich both from Orah, near Vrgorac
  Mijo Vujcich from Orah, near Vrgorac and Keiti Harris from Motukaraka NZ
  Ivan Vujcich from Orah, near Vrgorac and Matija Jelavich from Vrgorac
  Kata Vujcich from Orah, near Vrgorac and Tony Vujcich
  Manda Vujcich from Orah, near Vrgorac and Ivan Grbavac from Sipovaca
  Antonio Vujcich  from Orah, near Vrgorac
  Joyce Vujcich from Orah, near Vrgorac and Ivan Jelavich from Vrgorac 
  Joze Vujcich  from Orah, near Vrgorac
  Mate Vujcich from Orah, near Vrgorac and 1. Teresa Jelavic from Orah
                                                                                 2. Matija Katavic from Orah
  Mary Vujcich from Orah, near Vrgorac and Ante Grbavac from Sipovaca

Mate Vujcich from Orah and Lillian Packer from Camberwell, London. 
Joe Vuksich and Stana Vuksich both from Kokorici near Vrgorac 
Tony Yelash  from Dragljane and 1. Lucija Pucar from Kozica
                                                             2. Unaiki Harawira from NZ
Ante Yelavich  from Ravca and Mary Srhoj from Helensville NZ
Peter Yelavich from Ravca
Mate Yelavich from Ravca and Anka Bilcich from Bogomolje Is of Hvar
Stipan Yelavich from Ravca and Perina Juretich from Podgora
Ivan Yelavich from Ravca and Ruza Ivicevich from Kutac
Steve Yerkovich from Bogomolje and 1. Ellen Stewart from Kaeo NZ 
                                  2. Mary Stewart from Kaeo NZ
Peter Yerkovich from Bogomolje and 1. Caroline Tipene Te Hapua
                                 2. Marija Radic from Bogomolje
Paul Yovich  from Dubrava near Vrgorac and Ane Erceg from Vlaka near Sucuraj 
Marino Yuretich and Milica Marinovich both from Podgora
Joe Zidich from Vrgorac and 1. Kate Jujnovich from Waihopo NZ
                                                     2. Ruza Barac from Vrgorac

Brief Stories

Ivan Botica from Racisce and Laurie Phillips
Ivan and Angelija Cikoja from Vrgorac
Joe Cvitanovich from Podaca and Rosie Te Whiu
Joe Erceg from Rascane and Mary Mihe
George Godinovich from Bogomolje and Annie Riwhi
Tony Grbic from Zivogosce and Victoria Peric
Frank Grbich from Zivogosce
Marinko Grbic from Zivogosce and Matija Alach
Mick Jellick  from Sucuraj and Lucy Hohaia
George Jerkovich from Drasnice and Grace Philips
Carlos Jevremovich from Sapine and Meta Bechinger
Steve Korach from Zagreb and Iris Burgoyne
Steve Kraljevich (King) from Grab and Maidie Phillips
Tony Kunicich from Stari Grad and Dolly Baker
Steve Matutinovich from Zaostrog and Annie Walker
Marian Kurte from Podgora and Ane Alac
Marino Mendes from Makarska and Winifred Harris
Martin Nikolic from Opuzen and Tera Jelavic
Mate Nizich from Vrgorac and Andjelija Tolic
Simun Piskulich from Novi Vinodolski and Anka Sokolic
Simun Stipich  from Gradac and Mate Waitoke
George Unkovich from Racisce
Simun Vuletich  from Kozica and Pera Begovich
Frank Yukich from Zivogosce and Olive Phillips
Alexander Yuretich from Podgora and Mary Vela
Mate Zderich from Brist and Margaret Yugovich
Frank Zivkovich from Vrgorac and Kate Yerkovich
Northern Wairoa to the Far North
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2018 Version of “The Gumfield Collection” renamed
“The Gumfields – Northern Wairoa to the Far North”
Is Now Available

All original stories and 54 additional pages
INCLUDING a large Dargaville section
New Gumfield Maps-camps identified 

$70 includes delivery by Courier Post throughout NZ  

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They Shall Grow Not Old  
WW1 Soldiers of the Far North  Special Price Now ONLY $35
The stories of 115 Soldiers whose names appear on Kaitaia's WW1 War Memorial
The districts they came from and the cemeteries they rest in. 
Hard covered - 620 pages
Available for sale now   $45 includes delivery within NZ by NZ Couriers with tracking

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