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Kaye Dragicevich has lived most of her life on the family farm with her husband Paul. She began researching the history of her local area fifteen years ago.  In 2007 she began writing   fortnightly  stories  in the Doubtless Bay Times.    

Over the years she has built up a large data base of over 25,000 historical photographs and extensive library of Northland history books. She works from home  in her  office filled with relics and photographs from the past.    

Books Published to date:
               1. The Matthews Family of Kaitaia   2009
               2. Awanui Town of the Big River      2011 (Out of Print)
               3. A history of Awanui                         2013
               4. The Gumfield Collection                2015 
               5. Pioneer Dalmatian Settlers in the Far North  2017 

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Kaye's stories Published in the Doubtless Bay Times

1.Early fishing at Houhora
2.The Elingamite Tragedy
3.Awanui’s shipping heritage
4.Motor Racing on Ninety Mile Beach
5.Taming the Aupouri Dunes
6.Drainage Development
7.Joseph and Corotine Miller
8.The Walker family’s service to Awanui River
9.Charles Kingsford Smith Pioneer Aviator
10.Awanui Wireless Station
11.Johnstons Store – Kaitaia
12.Mangatete School
13.Te Paki Station – the Keene Years
14.Te Paki – from scrub to pasture
15.George Scheigis of Rangiputa
16.Dan Lewis of Kaitaia
17.Ken “Cassidy” Lewis
18.Samuel Yates, Gum King of the North
19.Norman Wizard Smith – the man who made history on our door-step
20.Ada Wiggins Bungalow Boarding House
21.August and Ethel Richter of Green Meddows
22.The Meenans of Rangiputa
23.Clem and Amy Matthews of Claremont
24.The Archibald Story
25.Alfred Long and the Long Timber Company
26.The Leyland O’Brien Timber Mill 1916-1923
27.Cowboy Movie in the Farthest North
28.Flax Mills of Kaingaroa
29.Early Rangiputa
30.Tom and Bessie Spanhake of Kaingaroa
31.The Read family of Croe
32.Family business spans 71 years
33.Kaitaia Municipal Brass Band 1945-2007
34.Cape Maria van Diemen one of the loneliest most inaccessible Light houses
35.Cape Reinga Light House
36.Dyers Motor Camp
37.Trail blazers of the Far North Tourist Industry
39.Pandora Radar Station
40.John Anton and Elizabeth Subritzky – Duke and Duchess of Awanui
41.Shirley Wilfred Masters of Wainui
42.The first motor trip in the Far North – 1906
43.Allen Garton of Oruru
44.Trevor and Patsy Collard of Awanui Hotel 1958-1966
45.Kaitaia and Districts A & P Show
46.A tradition – Round the rocks to Tauroa
47.George Stankovich – trucking on
48.Mo Moses – stockman of the Far North
49.Henry Henderson – pioneer truck driver
50.Lionel Henderson – trucking is in his blood
51.Sucich family of Waihopo
52.Jack Sucich – taxi driving farmer of Waihopo
53.M F Dean Limited
54.Grbic Bakery – Awanui
55.Yelavich family of Awanui
56.Mick Petricevich of Sweetwater
57.The last gum digger of Ahipara Gum Fields
58.Lamb and Thomas families – from Herekino to Pukenui
59.Jujnovich family
60.Early memories of Mangatete – Winnie Miller
61.Recollections of Kaingaroa – Colin Spanhake
62.Maria’s of Oruru
63.The Dairy Company Wharf at Awanui and A G Frankham
64.Waingakau School – Rangiputa
65.John and Dorothy Tynan of Waihopo
66.Te Kao School
67.The Great Trek
68.Alfred Adams of Kohumaru
69.Marko Buselich –contractor of Wireless Road
70.Kaitaia Aerodrome
71.Mangonui’s Phil Lightband – Great NZ Aviator
72.J Everitt and Sons – Te Kao
73.The Dragicevich family of Awanui
74.Northwood brothers – the men behind the camera

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