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A history of Awanui
Limited Edition
The third reprint has sold out. Sorry. 

300 Pages with 500 photographs tracing Awanui's development through the generations from the arrival of the first European settler and the establishment of trading stores and the wharves. As more settlers arrived the town grew with gum digging, shops, hotel, dance halls, billiard saloons, churches, school, picture theatre, dance bands and a tamburica orchestra. The Dairy Company was moved  to Awanui becoming a major employer. This book has much to offer people who wish to learn about Awanui or reminisce the old days. 
Awanui                               town of the Big River

published  2011
Sold out 

​Instead of reprinting this book Kaye spent 2012 researching and expanding the book to reprint in May 2013 as   "A history of Awanui". All the text from the Awanui Town of the Big River has been included in the larger book. 
The Matthews Family of Kaitaia

published 2009
Limited Edition

A small number available.                                                                     Price  $25 each plus $8 track and trace  postage  within New Zealand. 

A collection of photographs taken by the famous Northwood Brothers, Arthur and Richard from 1898-1940. 
Price $55  out of print - but an expanded version is available 
The "Gumfield's Northern Wairoa to the Far North" is a hard covered book photo book with high quality robust paper that shows life on the gum fields. Never before have so many gum field photos have been published together, (most are full page in size) along with a few showing the areas the early settlers landed. 
 What is so good about this book as many of the photographs taken by Arthur and Richard were unnamed until now. I have been fortunate to have been helped by some lovely old Dallys with naming many of the faces recorded in the photos. Along with identifying the areas they worked. 500 Names have been  identified and it is astounding. The list has been  posted on this website.
The Gumfields - Northern Wairoa to the Far North
an expanded version of The Gumfield Collection.  
Available Now- make your order now by emailing Kaye:  

Pioneer Dalmatian Settlers of the Far North
A treasure trove of family history for generations to come 
2nd Edition Available NOW email: dragicevich@xtra.co.nz your order.

The Gumfield Collection

1st Published June 2015
Revised Edition
 Published October 2015
Reprinted 2018 as - The Gumfields - Northern Wairoa to the Far North