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A history of Awanui
       Limited Edition
Sixth  reprint 
       300 Pages with 500 photographs tracing Awanui's development                   through the generations from the arrival of the first European                     settler and the establishment of trading stores and the wharves. 
       As more settlers arrived the town grew with gum digging, shops,             hotel, dance halls, billiard saloons, churches, school, picture        theatre, dance bands and a tamburica orchestra. The Dairy             Company was moved  to Awanui becoming a major employer. 
       This book has much to offer people who wish to learn about Awanui         or  reminisce the old days. 
The Matthews Family of Kaitaia

        published 2009
Limited Edition

SOLD OUT                                                                       

A collection of photographs taken by the famous Northwood Brothers, Arthur and Richard from 1898-1940. 

The "Gumfield's Northern Wairoa to the Far North" is a hard covered book photo book with high quality robust paper that shows life on the gum fields. Never before have so many gum field photos have been published together, (most are full page in size) along showing the areas the early settlers landed. 
 What is so good about this book as many of the photographs taken by Arthur and Richard were unnamed until now. I have been fortunate to have been assited by some lovely old Dallys who have named many of the faces  in the photos. Along with identifying the areas they worked. 500 Names have been  identified and it is astounding. The list has been  posted on this website.
A treasure trove of family history for generations to come 
2nd Edition Sold Out  

Available FREE as pdf download  https://hit.repozitorij.ffzg.unizg.hr/isla.../object/hit:146            simply click on the blue DOWNLOAD icon below the photo of the cover.

The Gumfields - Northern Wairoa to the Far North
       incorporating all the content from The Gumfield Collection
     $70 includes Courier Post delivery within New Zealand.

They Shall Grow not Old
WW1 Soldiers of the Far North
 Available NOW

Stories of the 115 soldiers honoured on Kaitaia's World War I Memorial.
Includes chapters on their districts prior to WW1, Kaitaia, Mangonui, Awanui, Fairburns and Kaiaka, Herekino and Whangape, Houhora and Waiharara, Kaingaroa, Oruru and Peria, Pukepoto and Ahipara, Takahue, Te Kao and Victoria Valley. 
There is a section on medals they were awarded and  a large section on the cemetery's in which our soldiers rest with maps and photographs. 
Price reduced to
$33 collect or
$45 includes courier delivery within NZ   

Pioneer Dalmatian Settlers of the Far North
Adams, James
Akast, George Herbert
Aldred, John Reeves (Randolph)
Atkinson, Clarence Clifford
Bartley, Walter
Bell, Walter Charles 
Bishop, John Joseph
Blucher, Charles Theodore 
Brass, Rata
Busby, Tawhai
Campbell, Richard James
Clark, Clark
Coleman, Claude Cecil
Conrad, Paki
Corbett, Alfred Sydney
Coulston, Sidney (Coulson)
Davis, Richard George
DeAndrad, Alfred Manuel
Denny, Richard John
Denny, Charles Benjamin (AIF)
Dicken, Henry George
Donelly, Robert (Joe) Edward
Fletcher, Thomas Henry
Ford, William
Fryer, Robert Hyslop
Gillott, William 
Gordon, Alexander Duncan
Gordon, John Archibald
Edwards, Griffith 
Hackney, Arthur Norman  
Hadfield, Mathew Petewiki
Hansen, Frederick Alfred
Hansen, Ivan Roy
Hare, Heremaia
Harrop, Edwin James
Hayward, John Henry
Heath, Patrick
Hebden, Percy
Heteraka, Huare (July) 
Hill, Reginald Michael
Hodges, Samuel
Hodgson, Thomas Henry
Houston, Albert Cyril
Houston, Harold Edward
Hurley, James
Kanara, Rapata Wi
Keay, David Steele
Keay, William Robert
Keepa, Arama Mete
Kiri, Ben
Lamb, Alfred James
Leo, Edward Mathew MM
Leo, John (AIF)
Lingar, Albert John (Jack)
Mahoney, Frank Daniel DCM, MID
Manuel, Josiah
Manuel, Richard

Mardell, Frederick William
Matia, Tuhi Rini
Matthews, Henry Selwyn
McKeown, James
McNamara, Henry
McNickle, Moses
Mein, George Frederick Coore
Meenan, Harry Conrad 
Negus, Clarence William
Noble, Edward
O'Donnell, Patrick
Olsen, John Oscar
Parker, Joseph
Passell, James
Penny, George Leslie
Popata, Charles Henry
Povey, John
Powell, Gerald Massey
Powell, Victor Ivan
Rae, Thomas Handley
Ramsey, Arthur
Rapihana, Herewini
Ratana, Wiremu
Rewi, Perenara
Richter, Basil August
Smith, David Francis
Smith, Joseph James Frank
Smith, Nimrod Bendigo Fred
Stanton, Alfred Littledyke
Switzer, Edward Wesley
Tahu, Ngakapa
Taurere, Tepana
Thomas, Alfred
Thomas, William Alfred
Thompson, Gilbert James
Thompson, Walter Weber
Tiini, Hopa
Urwin, Edward William
Urwin, Frederick Charles
Waaka, Hapimana Aporo
Waaka, Hohepa
Wagener, Wilfred Ernest
Walker, Taylor
Wallace, Gordon 
Wallace, Leslie
Warner, William Henry
Waru, Henare
Waru, Kopa
Watts, Hugh Hilliard
Wells, Benjamin Alexander
Wells, Henry Charles (Harry)
White, Alexander McGregor
White, Kenneth Robert
Wiki, Frank
Wikitera, Robert
Wilkinson, Eric Leslie
Williamson, Frederick
Willis, William Brian DeLaval

Soldiers with stories covered in this book: